Microsoft Outlook is one of the trusted desktop-based email clients. It is one of the popular email clients among business and home users. Whether the company is big or small, everyone wants to use Outlook. There are various reasons behind the popularity of Outlook. Let’s have a look at some of the powerful features of the Outlook –

  • Microsoft Outlook has an enhanced security feature to protect your email account from predators.
  • Outlook is an email management program. It allows you to sync your emails directly into your calendar or your contact list.
  • Outlook and Microsoft Exchange play well together
  • Outlook makes it easy to organize your assets
  • With Outlook, you can enjoy working in offline mode.
  • Outlook has a user-friendly interface that can be handled easily by any user.

Methods to transfer contacts from Android phone to MS Outlook

There are two methods available to move contacts from Android to Outlook –

  1. Manual method
  2. Software method

Manual method steps

  • Run Microsoft Outlook
  • Choose Import/Export
  • Select vCard option
  • Choose VCF file from your system
  • Check for the contact in the contact section

Limitations of Manual method

Most of the professional users do not want to use a manual process for moving contacts from VCF to Outlook because of its limitations.

  • Only one contact at a time is transferred from Android to Outlook using the manual method. One by one export of contacts becomes a tedious task.
  • One by one export leads to wastage of valuable time and efforts of the user.

Automatic method to transfer smartphone contacts to MS Outlook

VCF Export Import Tool is one of the reliable and smooth professional methods that can simply move multiple contacts from Android phone to Outlook and it takes only a few minutes to complete the task. In this regard, let’s have a look at the quality features of the software –

  • Simplified and rapid application
  • Accuracy is fully gained with the application
  • No alterations to the original file format
  • Bulk export of contacts to MS Outlook
  • Easily downloaded on all Windows editions
  • Complete contacts details are transferred
  • A quick demo is available freely
  • Safe moving without any data loss
  • Save output results locally
  • No size limitation to moving contacts from Android to Outlook

Only a few steps are there to transfer Android contacts to Outlook

Step 1. Download vCard Export Import tool and Install it properly on your Windows OS.
Step 2. Select vCard folder from your system using the Browse button.
Step 3. Selection of options to transfer contacts to Outlook file – either new or existing PST file
Step 4. Provide output location to save the resultant files
Step 5. Click Import vCards and this will start the transfer process.