Outlook – Outlook is an email client provided by Microsoft. It stores all emails, contacts, notes, journals, and other information of the user in PST file format. It acts as a personal information manager for the users. Each and every contact saved in Outlook data file by the user acts as a business card. With the help of Outlook, you can maintain your address book to store information about your contacts and keep track of your meetings and appointments. It comes with Office Suite.

Ways to transfer contacts from Outlook to VCF

MS Outlook has the capacity to export contacts into VCF format. It is a free method to move Outlook contacts to your smartphones.

  1. Manual method
  2. Automated method

Steps to move Outlook contacts to vCard

  • Open MS Outlook
  • Go to the contacts section
  • Select the contact that you want to export to VCF
  • Click on the File tab and Choose to save as option
  • Choose the folder where you want to save the vCard file
  • Choose vCard in save as type
  • Click on save

The manual method is easy to use and can be easily implemented by the users. However, there are some limitations to this method –

  • With the manual method, you can move single contact at a time.
  • One by one transfer of contacts takes a huge time if the user has a lot of contacts.
  • It becomes a tedious task when a huge number of contacts are there and exporting them one by one is not possible for the users.

Swift and third-party solution – vCard Export Import tool

vCard Export-Import is a simplified utility that can safely export contacts from Outlook to VCF format so that you can simply access Outlook contacts to your smartphones.

Quality characteristics of the application

VCF Export Import Tool has several advanced features that help the user to comfortably handle the application.

  • Simply transfer multiple contacts of Outlook to VCF in an easy manner
  • Safe and secure transfer is done with the application
  • Smooth and error-free export is gained
  • No data loss and corruption is done
  • A free demo for testing the tool
  • User-defined location to save the results
  • No issue in loading PST file
  • Only few steps are required to complete the process

Working of vCard Export Import tool

1. Download and Launch the application
First of all, download and launch the application successfully on your system.

2. Selection of PST file
Go to the Browse button and choose a PST file. There is no issue of file size.

3. Provide Target directory
Select a location where you need to save the resultant file.

4. Click Export Outlook contacts
Finally, click on Export Outlook contacts. The process will start and takes a few minutes to complete the process.