Outlook is a well-known client among the business as well as home users. Outlook stores the database in PST format and it includes entire data of the user like emails, attachments, tasks, notes, journals, calendars, and other information.

Outlook stores attachments of various types of the user. Sometimes, a need creates when a user wants to view all zip file attachments at one place i.e. on the hard drive. For this, the users got two solutions on the internet.

  1. Manual technique
  2. Software technique

Manually, it is possible to save the attachments of zip file but it is helpful only when there are only few attachments. Otherwise, a user found one by one saving of a huge number of attachments monotonous. Moreover, it takes a long time to process the task.

Software Technique – Outlook PST Extractor tool

Due to the limitations of the manual method, a swift and reliable solution is introduced by the professionals. The tool is simply handled by the non-tech background users and the whole process gets completed in a short time period.

Some of the important features of Outlook Zip file Extractor

The software contains several features that make the process simple and comfortable –

  • Swift and reliable utility
  • Independent and smooth working tool
  • 100% precise results are achieved by the tool
  • A free demo is available for evaluating the utility
  • Unlimited Zip files are exported with premium version
  • Remove duplicate attachments
  • Saving of resultant files as per user choice
  • Picked attachments are saved
  • No effect on the quality of original files

Working of Outlook PST Extraction tool

The software has only a few steps working and all the steps are easy to follow. Given below is the complete procedure.

Step 1. Download and Install the software
The very beginning is to download and install the software successfully on your system.

Step 2. Load PST file
Load PST file from whom you want to save zip files.

Step 3. Select attachment in Export options
Select Attachments in export options

Step 4. Deciding Output location
Choose a location where you want to save the output files.

Step 5. Selection of folder and file extension
Select a folder like an inbox, outbox, drafts, sent etc. from PST file. And also, choose .zip file in the file extension. Finally, place the mouse pointer to Process & Export attachments.