PDF is a well-known file format used by many users to save their important documents. Users generally secure their files with a password. A similar case is with PDF documents. Users can secure their PDF files with a password so that no one can copy, edit, and print the information contained in your PDF file.

Ways to set a password to your PDF file

There are various ways by which a user can secure their PDF file with a password. Some are paid and some are free. A user can choose any of the methods as per their suitability. Let’s first discuss the manual method.

A user can use Adobe Reader application which is a manual method to set a password to their PDF documents. Though there are various limitations to the method –

  • It is a time-consuming procedure and is suitable if the user has counted documents.
  • There is no surety of safety to your PDF files with manual methods. Your file may be lost or corrupted while performing the task.

Alternate solution – PDF Champ tool

To overcome the limitations of the manual method, a safe and quick method is available that will help you to secure a password to your PDF file in a very less time period. It is a user-friendly tool that can be easily handled by any user without having technical skills. No data loss is faced by the users using this tool. You can easily download the software on all Windows operating systems without any issues. There are no changes done to the original files. Moreover, you can swiftly load any size PDF file without any issues.

Complete guidance to set a unique password to your PDF files

Step 1. Download and Launch the software
The first step is to download and install the software completely to your system.

Step 2. Loading PDF file
Choose PDF file whom you want to secure. You are allowed to choose any PDF document.

Step 3. Click on Set Security
To set security to your PDF file, click on Set security option.

Step 4. Choose options to restrict and set a password
Tick mark the options to restrict print, copy, and edit options. Also, enter a password if you want to set a password.

Step 5. Choose Output location
Choose a location where you want to save the resultant file. In the end, click on Generate PDF option to complete the process.