Microsoft Outlook is a complete package to store user emails, contacts, notes, attachments and many more. Attachments are an important part of the data. A user saves the data into several file formats. One of the formats is a .txt file which is a simple file format used in notepad.

There are several reasons and situations when a user wants to separately save attachments of Outlook file. One of the reasons is the large size of the mailbox due to a huge number of attachments. This will badly affect the performance of Outlook and your PST file get corrupted due to this.

Approaches to extract .txt attachments from Outlook

There are two approaches available to save attachments of Outlook file.

  1. Manual method
  2. Professional method

Manual method steps

  • Launch MS Outlook
  • Go to Rules > Manage Rules & Alerts
  • Choose New Rules and click on Apply rules on manager I received
  • Run a script option and give the desired name to your script
  • Browse a location to save the attachments

Challenges while performing manual method

A manual method involves various limitations –

  • Selective saving of attachments is not possible clearly with the manual method
  • It seems to be a complex process for novice users
  • It does not allow bulk extraction of attachments

Save attachments from Outlook automatically

To overcome the limitations of the manual method, users can opt a third-party solution named Outlook Attachment Extractor. The tool is designed to provide you with simple and effective results without any data loss. A user can easily this software for attachment separation without installing MS Outlook.

Some salient features of the application –

  • Retain the original folder hierarchy during attachment separation
  • Compatible with all versions of MS Outlook
  • Selective attachments are extracted using the utility
  • Dismiss duplicate files from the database
  • A free demo version is provided to become familiar with the application
  • No size limitation while extracting PST attachments
  • Unlimited and fast saving is done with the application

Steps to be performed to save attachments from Microsoft Outlook

Step 1. Download and Install the utility
The initial step is to download and install the application successfully on your Windows machine.

Step 2. Opening screen and loading PST file
Run the software and upload PST file. You can simply upload any size PST file.

Step 3. Choose attachments
Select Attachments in export options.

Step 4. Selection of Output location
Provide an output destination where you want to save the resultant file.

Step 5. Provide folders and file extension
Select a folder from PST file and choose .txt in file extension option. Finally, place the cursor to Process & Export Attachments.