Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email client both by the home users and the business users. It is one of the preferred and easy to use email clients. All the emails and attachments of the user are saved in Outlook PST file.

Attachments are important documents containing information. Outlook client stores all type of attachments in it. If a user wants to save only .doc attached files from Outlook due to some requirements. He/she cannot save each file separately as it takes a lot of time to perform the task. Moreover, it is a tedious task and involves huge efforts and time of the user. So, how to save .doc file from Outlook 2016 in an easy manner?

Reliable solution – Outlook Attachment Extractor

As we discussed above, manually it is not possible to pull out the .doc file from Outlook one by one. Due to this, the professionals have introduced a third-party application that will perform the task in an easy and untroubled manner. The application consists of several useful features that make the entire process comfortable and easy to perform by the users.

Highlighted features of PST Attachment Extractor

Let’s have a look at some of the highlighted features of the software –

  • With this software, you can easily perform the task without having any technical knowledge
  • Speedy and accurate results are achieved with the application
  • Removal of duplicate files from the list
  • Picked attachments are saved as per the folders
  • User-chosen location to save the output files
  • Multiple attachments are saved at a time without extra efforts
  • Freedom to load any measurement PST file
  • Unlimited attachments are saved with premium version
  • Harmonious working on all Windows editions
  • No changes to the original file and their elements

Steps to save .doc file from Outlook 2016 using Outlook Attachment Extractor tool

With this automated solution, it becomes easy to save word file from Outlook with a short span of time. A step by step working is given below –

Step 1. Download and launch the application
Firstly, download and install the software properly on your system.

Step 2. Add PST file
Go to the Browse button and load PST file of your choice from whom you want to save the .doc file

Step 3. Select Attachment
Choose Attachments to the export options.

Step 4. Selection of Output directory
Provide output location of your choice to save the results.

Step 5. Selection of folder and file type
Choose folders from PST file from whom you want to save the attachments. Choose .doc in file extension if you want to save word documents. Finally, click on Process & export attachments.