AOL is a free email service that is very popular among users. You can access your emails of AOL account into any of the web browsers, the only condition is you have the right username and password of your account with a good internet connection.

Why transfer AOL data to MBOX format?

Since AOL is a web-based application that needs every time login to the account to check the emails and to send the emails to the users but if the user wants to view their emails at desktop, MBOX file format is helpful that can be easily supported by various emails clients like Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail, SeaMonkey, and many others.

Techniques to transfer AOL emails into MBOX format

If you search on the internet for the solution to view AOL emails to MBOX format, you will get several paid and free solutions.

  1. Manual technique by configuring AOL profile to the concerned desktop-based client which is free
  2. Professional tool – AOL to MBOX Exporter tool which is a paid solution

Drawbacks of the manual method

  • It is a long process as it involves a large number of steps
  • Without technical knowledge, a user face difficulty in handling the method
  • No surety to achieve reliable results

Alternate solution – AOL to MBOX Export Tool

The software is a simple and smart tool to move AOL data into MBOX format with few simple methods without possessing technical expertise.

Quality features to move AOL emails to MBOX format

  • Entire and rapid export is done by the software
  • Reliable and accurate results are gained by the tool
  • Selective export is gained with the software
  • Completely downloaded on any Windows platforms
  • Unlimited data export of AOL account
  • Free demo version is available for testing
  • User-specified location to save the resultant files

Working of AOL data to MBOX Conversion tool

The software has a simplified interface and due to this it can be easily handled and the software has only a few steps working to perform the task.

1. Download and Install the application
The first step is to download the software and install it on your Windows machine.

2. Providing login credentials
Run the software and enter AOL username and password to connect with the account.

3. Selection of folder from AOL profile
Select a folder like an inbox, outbox sent etc. from AOL account.

4. Choice of Export Type
Choose MBOX format in Export options.

5. Set Output destination
Go to the Browse button and provide a path to save the output files. Hit the Process button to complete the task.