What is PST program?

PST is one of the most widely used email formats for MS Outlook for Windows. The file extension allows users to save emails, events, notes, messages, journals, to-do lists, contacts, and several other databases safely. PST stands for Personal Storage Table. There are two versions of PST- Unicode, and ANSI. The latest Unicode allows you to create a big file up to 50 GB.

Why Do You Need to Split PST Files?

Users need to split PST files into several circumstances. When there is a need of a particular year data, split feature helps to extract the particular year data safely. When it requires only inbox or a specific folder, the split process is helpful to extract only the selected folder database.

Why Switch to Split PST Programs?

A split PST program helps to safely split big sized PST files effortlessly. It doesn't need a manual process to split data. Thus, users get the best results because data damage possibility is less with split PST programs.

Related Software

Softaken Split PST Application

Softaken is one of the most reliable sources to get split PST programs. The site is specialized in offering conversion, repairing, merging and split email client apps.
  • Split PST of Softaken enable to split PST by size, year or folder
  • Work for both archived and new PST files
  • Provide a log report of the split data
  • A simple to use app
  • A lightweight Windows app, support Wins 10/8/8.1/7
  • Split only targeted PST files
  • The Split PST Pro of Softaken has been designed to provide customized split results.
  • Split PST by year- select the start and the end years to extract PST data of the particular year only.
  • Split PST by size- Select the size as per your desire. It can be in MB or GB considering the size of the file.
  • Split by folder- Pick folder of your choice and extract the particular folder from a PST file.
  • The program has been designed for all users. It is recommended for both personal and professional users.
  • The software saves the conversion to user's targeted location in the system. Thus, it is easy to manage the split task.
  • A lightweight tool. It is easy to install in your Windows system. The interference is interactive.
  • It creates a log data to let you evaluate whether the conversion result is okay.