What is PDF?

PDF stands for portable document file which is widely used to save, publish and transfer data. A PDF holds text, images, graphs, charts and several other elements in the way users want. It creates pages to save data systematically. The electronic document was invented by Adobe. Now, it is an open standard operated by ISO.

Why Merge PDFs?

Merging PDF is required when you have a heap of PDF files and it is tough to manage them. Data loss chance can be increased when users face data clutter. Small PDF files can be merged to make file management easy.

Why Switch to Paid PDF Tools?

Paid PDF tools are safe and smart alternative than free PDF merger. Free PDF merger has the possibilities of poor data merge quality. Your data can be lost or damaged. Paid PDF programs are reliable alternatives because they have come across several quality checks. Your sensitive data is retained. The data merge result is excellent.

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Softaken PDF Merger

Merge PDF program is capable of merging more than two PDF files at a time. It is one of the most reliable PDF programs that users can trust.
  • Merge multiple PDF files at a time
  • Merge any size PDF files
  • Retain the original structure of PDF files
  • Perform safe conversion with no changes or data damage
  • Save the merged PDF files at user's decided location
  • A Windows Operating System, support Vista/XP/10/8.1/7

Softaken PDF mergers are one of the best tools to be used by PDF users. The tool has been designed to merge both big and small-sized PDF files. The file size doesn't matter.

It gives the flexibility to merge more than two files together. It is depended on users how many PDF files they want to merge at a time.

The utility has come across several quality checks. It is reliable. The advanced program merges PST files without losing their quality. It retains the original structure. All text, images, chart, and graph are merged without losing their original structure.

  • The tool is compatible. Users can run the program on any Windows OS.
  • It is a lightweight tool. It downloads in just a few seconds.
  • The program is simple to operate single-handedly. The interface is interactive.