What are EML and Yahoo?

EML is a widely used email file format of Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage and multiple other email clients of Windows, Linux, and Mac. It keeps the record of emails including attachments with top accuracy.

Yahoo is, on the other hand, is a server-based email client that allows users to send and receive emails. It also keeps records of messages, notes, and emails. The web-based email app can be accessed to any platform including laptops and mobile phones.

Why Import EML to Yahoo?

Yahoo is a server-based email client that can be accessed on any laptop, smartphones, and notepad. Considering its flexibility, users can access Apple Mail, Thunderbird or any EML supportive email client data on Yahoo. They can stay connected with their important emails.

How to Import EML to Yahoo?

The easy way to import EML to Yahoo is to upload a paid or free app. The third-party application can make the import process easy, fast and accurate. No data will damage and corrupt.

Related Software

Softaken EML to Yahoo Importer
Softaken EML to Yahoo importer is an advanced program that keeps the data intact. It allows users to import data in bulk without losing quality. It is a reliable application to upload and import data.
  • Softaken EML to Yahoo importer to import EML files of all sizes
  • Import user's specified EML files to Yahoo
  • Import more than one EML files at a time
  • Allows to upload both new and archived EML files
  • Import EML to Yahoo with speed and top accuracy
  • A Windows tool support Wins 10/8/9/XP/Vista

Softaken EML to Yahoo importer imports EML files of all sizes including GB and MB. There is no file size issue with the program.

Import the only user's specific EML files to give the desired results. The utility has an advanced file filter tab that filters only targeted EML files.

Import data with top accuracy no matter how big an EML file. All email properties including CC, BCC, To, From and attachments are imported without losing quality.

The import program uploads EML files and imports to a specific Yahoo account that has been defined by the user. It needs the correct user ID and the password.