What are EML and Gmail?

EML is one of the most versatile email platforms that allows users to save data of Apple Mail, Entourage and several other email clients. It holds a database of entire emails and attachments.

Gmail is an open source server-based email clients to send and get messages. It is operated and upgraded by Google. Gmail has millions of users.

Why Need Import from EML to Gmail?

EML to Gmail upload is required in the case when users want to get free of accessing Thunderbird, Apple Mail or any other EML supportive email clients database. Gmail is a server based email client that can be accessed from any desktop, laptop or even a mobile phone. With EML to Gmail import, it is easy to access important data.

How to Import EML to Gmail?

Import of EML to Gmail is easy with the free or paid version of EML to Gmail importer. Users can look for EML to Gmail exporter to import data.

Related Software

Softaken EML to Gmail Importer
Softaken is one of the most reliable platforms to convert MSG to EML file formats. The online store offers multiple email clients at attractive prices. Users can trust Softaken to purchase reliable apps.
  • Softaken EML to Gmail importer imports multiple EML files to Gmail at once
  • Import only filtered EML files to provide the desired results
  • Import only healthy EML files
  • Upload EML files of all sizes to import into Gmail
  • An independent program to run smoothly
  • A Windows application to run on Wins 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Softaken EML to Gmail importer takes no time to upload any EML file to import to Gmail. Both GB and MB EML files can be exported smoothly.

The converter gives users desired results every time by exporting only the user's specified EML files. Only filtered EML files are imported with top accuracy.

Import with top accuracy because the tool has been tested for upload and import process in various parameters. No data is damaged and corrupted. It keeps import data safe.

Import process needs the Gmail account details including the User ID and the correct Password. As the user provides the correct data, the tool takes no time to import EML to Gmail.

Once the import process is finished, users can access the data effortlessly.